Dr. Robin Smith
When you've played board games, how have you learned how to play them? Did a friend teach you the rules? Did you read the instructions? Or did you just wing it and try to figure it out yourself?

Dr. Robin says board games are like the game of life: There are lots of rules about how things work—in relationships, jobs, finances—but the problem is many of us don't have the rules to the game. It's the reason why we can't figure out why things aren't working out in our favor, Dr. Robin says.

Dr. Robin urges us to sit down and make an assessment of what rules we've been living by. "Decide whether or not these rules are working for you," she says. "And then, when you fall off the wagon and something isn't working, you can go back to your own written document, look at your rules and say, 'That's where I went wrong!'"

By creating a set of rules for your life, you can track yourself, Dr. Robin says. You can "see the ways in which you're honoring your own self-created, self-defined, self-made rules, and you can reshape them as your needs change, your relationships change and your life evolves."
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