Dr. Robin Smith
Who are you, really? Who is the real you? Are you really the person who dresses to the nines at the office, or is the real you more comfortable in jeans and a T-shirt? Maybe you drive a fancy car…but you can't really afford it.

Dr. Robin says the real you isn't defined by the things you have. "The makeup, the clothes, maybe the degree, maybe the kind of car you drive or the neighborhood you live in—those things are just trappings," Dr. Robin says. "It doesn't make you successful or generous; it doesn't make you nice or kind.

"Really, who you are at your core has a lot to do with what your values are, what you really believe in, whether or not you feel safe enough to tell people who the real you is."

Dr. Robin urges us to rid ourselves of the fear of letting others know who we really are. Don't be afraid that you'll be rejected, neglected or laughed at. True self-esteem requires that another human being knows fully who you are, Dr. Robin says. "Let someone see your warts and your blemishes, your beauty and your brilliance, the places where you've made stumbles and failures and blunders, and the places in which your resilience has surprised you…the real you," Dr. Robin says.
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