The Producers
Ellen Rakieten
Ellen Rakieten

Executive Producer—started at Harpo in 1986.

I've worked with Oprah since the very first show, and 20 years later she's still, to this second, challenging herself. She's always asking the Harpo team, "How can we get better?" That's why this has never been just a job for me. Every morning I walk into the studio thinking, "Where is Oprah taking us today?" For two decades, I've had a front-row seat in the Live Your Best Life class. What a blessing.

When I look back on more than 4,000 shows, I can't pick just one moment. I remember it all—her big hair, enormous earrings, her brilliance, the love.

Everyone asks me, "What is she really like?" Well, magnify what you see on TV by a thousand, and that's what it is to be with her in person. She is the ultimate girlfriend; she's as fun as they come. Whether we're working, shopping or vacationing, no one can make me laugh like she does. Throw in a few shots of tequila, crank up the music, and she's the life of any party. She's also got the energy of a 20-year-old. The truth is, we're all just trying to keep up.