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Lesia Minor

Senior Associate Producer—started at Harpo in 1986.

I work on many of the Nate Berkus shows, and in 2004, we began a makeover of actress Kirstie Alley's home. For the first time, we were adding an entire room to a house. It went smoothly—until the contractor quit two and a half weeks before completion. Not only did Kirstie have a huge hole in her backyard, but there were no kitchen cabinets, appliances or paint on the walls. Nate and I met with the 50 people working on this project, including employees of Home Depot and Owens Corning HOMExperts, our saviors.

We worked 24/7 for two weeks, and even I, a construction newbie, shoveled dirt and installed tile. Though the house turned out to be one of Nate's best makeovers (how can we not love that guy?), it was Kirstie who made the project memorable. Every day she said hello to the crew and fed them—she even made T-shirts for everyone. I was staying with my aunt, but Kirstie suggested I move into her house instead. Every night I found tokens of appreciation from her on my bed. I'm usually the last person to get emotional, but on the final day when I found a necklace and bracelet, I cried. We've been friends ever since.