Dr. Robin Smith
Smile and the whole world smiles with you—it's true, Dr. Robin says! By smiling at someone, you have the capacity to ignite a chain reaction of other smiles, she says.

Check the mirror—what is it that someone would see when they looked at you? What kind of energy are you giving off from your facial expressions? You may not even realize that your brows are furrowed and your lips are pinched. Dr. Robin says a smile is so powerful and contagious, your life may change for the better once you start smiling! "A smile invites a smile," Dr. Robin says. "If we are uptight, if we are stressed, if our smile is just so hidden, so buried, so vacant, so dead, so gone, it's impacting your life."

Make sure that you are really in touch with your real image—the image that people are seeing when they look into your face. If you're a sourpuss, start consciously changing that by smiling—and keep smiling! "You don't know how much power your smile carries," Dr. Robin says. "If you use it, it will work for you. If you don't use it, you will start to lose it."