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Express Yourself
While most of us aren't bald-faced liars who go around deceiving people consciously, if we're honest with ourselves about it, we often don't fully speak our truth or express all of our emotions. We've been trained and have in turn trained ourselves to be "appropriate" and to say and do the "right" thing so we can get what we want and look as good as possible in most situations.

For me, being a "nice guy," a "people pleaser" and wanting others to be impressed with me often poses a challenge when what I want to say or express doesn't seem to fit into the "likable" category. Most of the people I know and work with have some "story" about themselves they want others to believe and therefore only feel comfortable sharing thoughts, ideas and feelings that match up with this story or the public "identity" they put forth.

However, what if, even with whatever fear or resistance we each have—we were able to fully, passionately and honestly express ourselves? When we're willing to passionately, vulnerably and boldly speak up and express ourselves, we tap into our power in an authentic way.



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