Dr. Robin Smith
A few months ago, when Dr. Robin was preaching at a church, she asked the children in the congregation if they had anything on their mind, any concerns that they wanted church members to address in their prayers. One little girl stood up and said, "I'm afraid of monsters, and I'd want you to pray because I'm scared of monsters." The congregation chuckled and thought it was endearing, but Dr. Robin made a note of the concern.

"The truth of the matter is that little girl spoke a profound truth, which is that we all are really scared of monsters," Dr. Robin says. "Maybe not the boogeyman, maybe not the kind of monster that she was talking about, but there are other kinds of monsters that have tormented you and your life and your dreams and your hopes."

What are the monsters in your own life? Maybe they are telling you that you're too old to go back to school, or that it's too late to mend a friendship. What hopes, aspirations or dreams would you be pursuing if you didn't have a monster talking to you, in your ear, sitting on your shoulder, telling you the words, "You can't," "You shouldn't," "You couldn't" or "You wouldn't"?

"Monsters are just in your head and they are meant to be brought down," Dr. Robin says. "Be practical but don't allow the monsters any longer to steal your life, your joy and the potential really to [live] life to the fullest."
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