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An audience member named Greta says she was not happy when she turned 40. "I fell apart. I got arthritis," she says. "So 40 is a disaster for me."

Marianne warns Greta that if she continues to think of her life in terms of a "disaster," it will become the truth. To change her reality, Greta must amend her thinking. "No one forces you to think anything other than what you choose to think," Marianne says. "The Course of Miracles says we achieve so little because we have undisciplined minds. You [have to] discipline your mind, exercise your mind, just like with your muscles."

Greta says she feels blessed to be 40 years old, but her physical symptoms are posing a problem. "There's something here that the body isn't what it used to be, that the body takes a little more time to take care of. That exercise isn't so we look good anymore; it's also so our health is okay," Marianne says.

Instead of focusing on the hardships, Marianne says the medical problems can help teach Greta to slow down. "My realization has been that back in the day when I had so much energy and I was moving too fast, I made a lot of mistakes because I was moving too fast," Marianne says. "This part of our lives calls us to be more contemplative, calls us to be more reflective, causes us to be more in the moment."
FROM: The Age of Miracles: The New Midlife
Published on March 14, 2008


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