Michael Losier
Are you sending negative vibrations into the universe? Many people don't realize that when they think negative thoughts, it can have a direct impact on what happens to them, Michael says. He discusses how your negativity can affect the law of attraction.

How do you know if you're sending positive or negative vibrations into the universe? Look at how you feel, Michael says. If you are excited and blissful, you are sending off a positive vibe. If you are cranky and irritated, you are sending a negative vibe. "The obedient law of attraction is eavesdropping on your vibrations and is orchestrating to bring you more of the same vibe [that you are sending out]," he says. "If you are attracting negative things, you are being negative."

If you want to turn your negative vibrations into positive ones, you must think positive thoughts, Michael says. Bring to mind an area of your life where you are attracting negative results—the only way to get negative results is if you send a negative vibration. "Every time you talk about what you don't want, you just gave it attention, energy and focus," Michael says.