Michael Losier
Is your bad attitude giving off negative vibes? Michael says the law of attraction has one job: to check the vibration you're sending and match it.

So how do you change your negative vibe into a positive one? "At any moment you find yourself attracting anything negative, you can press your internal vibe reset button," Michael says. "The way you reset your vibration is to change the thoughts and words you're using. Be more deliberate about the words and thoughts that you're using."

Three words that will consistently cause you to attract negative things are don't, not and no, Michael says. When you say these words, ask yourself the reset correction question: "So what do I want?" When you go from what you don't want to what you do want, the words you use change, Michael says. For example, instead of "Don't forget," say "Remember." "And when the words change," Michael says, "so do the vibrations. It's your job to keep your vibration pure."
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