The Happiness Secrets You Keep Forgetting
Most of the mystery about feeling good isn't that much of a mystery. Columnist Leigh Newman gives us a quick refresher.
Packed lunch
Secret #1: One Thing Before Bed and 10 Minutes Early
Twice last week, I staggered into work with my dress—not my shirt—inside out. Life was reminding me in a smug, overfriendly voice, "You can't get dressed and out the door in 20 minutes anymore, honey. Because you're not 20 or even 21. You require wrinkle-covering gunk on your face and shoes that aren't flip-flops. Further, scurrying around each morning, shoving papers that are not the correct papers into a bag, cursing at armchairs as you trip and fall all over the house just gets depressing, fast."

The answer: Doing one five-minute thing before bed (pack the lunch/iron the shirt/match the sock) and waking up 10 minutes earlier (to make coffee/eat a yogurt/select an outfit that doesn't look like it fell out of clown car). These are two small changes to your life that are a total pain...until you do them four or five times and finally saunter out the door feeling as if you're starting your day, not some grueling sprint toward its finish.