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Secret #4: Remember: Pre-Dawn Phone Calls
The best thing you can do for happiness is sleep. But women all over the world continue to not sleep. Ask around. You know a friend or a neighbor or mother of a child in your daughter's class who is regularly up at 4 a.m. She is doing what you are doing: discussing with herself why she is up, considering taking a mind-numbing pill, making lists in her head, getting up to work or do laundry because every single moment of the day should be spent on something productive.

Why not indulge in something you haven't done since your late teens? Talking to somebody on the phone—who talks on the phone?—all night, about big, silly ideas. I'm not kidding. I'm referring to those long, drawn-out conversations you had while younger with new best friends about love and novels and who you were going to be, the one that left you bleary-eyed and raw-voiced and inspired. My only caveat: text first to see if she's up.


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