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How can Gill possibly forgive the people who nearly killed her…and now force her to live the rest of her life without legs? Forgiveness does not mean that you accept or condone the actions against you. "People are afraid if they forgive someone, it's the get out of jail free card," Dr. Robin says. Instead, "it's the get out of jail card for the person who would harbor the unforgiveness. And what you're really saying is no one is worthy of your life, your energy, your peace, your power. And as long as you're bitter or resentful, someone owns you."

Gill says she's ready to move forward with her life. "My legs have gone, but I'm not going to let this destroy the rest of me," she says. "I'm so lucky to have had this life number two. That's how I see it—that I've had life one, the bomb, and now it's life two. … I feel I've been given this gift and I have to honor that and live the best life possible. And that doesn't mean carrying around a sack of potatoes of hatred and bitterness."
FROM: Why I Forgave the Man Who Shot Me
Published on January 01, 2006


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