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Dr. Robin holds Jackie up as an example of the power of forgiveness that comes from letting go of anger and moving on. "I'm so moved, and I was sitting here, Jackie, looking at you and listening to you and thinking what a brilliant example you are for all of us who complain about small things and aches and pains," Dr. Robin says. "And here you are, a living testimony to us … saying that forgiveness is a choice. And when we choose not to forgive someone … we've made a choice to harbor anger, and really, a choice to die."

As for Craig, Dr. Robin feels like he was actually in prison before he committed any crime. "Your spirit was in prison. Your mind was in prison. Your body. I mean, you weren't really living. And what is interesting is that, unfortunately, Jackie and your tragedy, Craig, was your ticket to reengage with the fact that you're a human being," she says. "So now, even though you're incarcerated, you are more free today than you were 12 years ago when you shot Jackie. And it's a new way to begin to look at who you are, what's in front of you, the fact that you do have a future."
FROM: Why I Forgave the Man Who Shot Me
Published on January 01, 2006


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