The Pillars of Wellness
Kathy Freston and Oprah
When it comes to makeovers, Oprah knows one thing for sure. "If you want to look and feel your best, you have to make the complete mind, body and soul connection," she says. "That means you have to work from the inside out."

Best-selling author and spiritual counselor Kathy Freston has been an expert on inner makeovers since she went through one herself. "In my teenage years, I was filled with anxiety. I had tons of insecurity," she says. "I was one of those people who just wasn't comfortable in my own skin. I never felt like I was pretty enough or smart enough or interesting enough."

Kathy began modeling at age 17, but rather then boosting her confidence, Kathy says the industry made her insecurities worse. "The art director would lean into my face and point out my pimples, and they'd look at my waist and say that they were disappointed," she says. "I would be sent home from jobs."

Around that same time, Kathy says her addictive personality began to act up. She says she was smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, eating unhealthy foods and getting involved in destructive relationships.

"I had so much failure, and life kept clunking me on the head. I was forced to confront the structures within myself," she says. "So I started reading books about philosophy and spirituality. Of course, that's when life opened up. ... When I stopped looking for the results, everything just sort of appeared."