Quiz: What's Your Courage Potential?

New York Times best-selling author Debbie Ford has 14 questions that will help you live a little braver and a lot happier.

How many times have you made yourself small enough to fit into a role that you wanted no part of? How many times have you kept your mouth shut when you had something to say? How many times have you told yourself "I can't"?

Much of our power is to be found in the choices we make and the actions we take. Every time we make a decision that's based in fear, we are sealing in the belief that we are unworthy, not good enough or not strong enough. When we make a choice based in fear, we teach our minds to believe that we are helpless, hopeless and powerless.

As you answer each of these 14 questions, you'll discover the root of your choices, and you will regain the power and strength to take on each decision with more courage and more confidence.

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PUBLISHED: 05/09/2012