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If you're tired of settling in with your old friends TV and Remote after a long day, click your way to these inspiring and challenging Websites instead.
1. Discover what your brain does (and doesn't!) perceive: Mind Lab

2. Listen to moving stories from ordinary people interviewed by their loved ones:

3. Take part in real-life cognitive research projects, and learn where your mental strengths lie:

4. Do you see what others see? Find out with this interactive color test:; click on Color IQ box.

5. Play weirdly wonderful games (be a pelican diving for fish! knock out the spiders that want your cake!) with incongruously soothing soundtracks:

6. Surf the web on a guided tour eerily tailored to your tastes and interests, with an ever-changing Shuffle-like assortment of entertaining sites:

7. Test your vocabulary while fighting world hunger (for every word you define correctly, the site makes a donation to the UN's World Food Programme):

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