Photo: Richard Wright/CPI Syndication

My happy place is...

my white Town & Country minivan. Once, at a gas station, a kid asked me if I was Terry Crews. Then he saw me get in the van and shouted, "Never mind. Terry Crews would never drive that!" People can hate, but I don't care—I press a button, the doors swing back, I throw in the groceries and I'm rollin'.

The last item I crossed off my bucket list was...

treating myself to a forest green leather Bottega Veneta duffel bag. I saw it in a catalog four years ago, but couldn't make the splurge then—I have five kids! It's one beautiful man bag.

The last time I laughed really hard was when...

my 8-year-old son busted out singing, "My mind's telling me no, but my body, my body's telling me yes!" I still have no idea how he came across the lyrics of a 1993 R. Kelly song.

My alternate career would have been...

special-effects artist. After college, I played in the NFL off and on for six years. When I retired, I submitted my animation portfolio to Disney. (Star Wars changed my life as a kid; I'm a nerd.) My first acting job came through before Disney made a decision. But to this day I'm still a doodler.

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