Dr. Robin Smith
How much of our life is spent bogged down in the minutia? If it takes an hour to track down that inconsequential tchotchke that you misplaced, doesn't it beg the question, "Could that hour have been spent on more pressing matters?"

A self-admitted perfectionist who alphabetizes her CD collections, files her bills and categorizes papers, Dr. Robin says she was extremely bothered recently when she lost two things in the same day—a bill and a card. "My tendency would have been to spend hours looking for these things," Dr. Robin says. "What am I trying to do, be perfect? Trying to be so in control of my life that I'm missing living my life?"

Dr. Robin wants to know: How much time are you wasting—how much time have you wasted—on inconsequential things?

"Today is a gift; tomorrow is not promised," Dr. Robin says. "We say that but we don't live like we believe that. … I don't want it said that I wasted one more second of my life on something that simply does not matter."