Marianne Williamson
In her studies of the great religious and philosophical teachings of the world, Marianne says has discovered some universal spiritual themes. She considers these to be spiritual solutions—tools to have in your toolkit to help you deal with the experiences in your own life. Just as you learn a skill set in school, in order to live the life you want to live, Marianne says you need emotional, psychological and spiritual skills.

Marianne addresses one spiritual solution she values: meditating in the morning. For most of us, the morning routine is mostly about getting everything done and getting out the door. Marianne says this is a lifestyle habit that doesn't support you living in victory—it's not a spiritual solution. If you go out into your daily life without any more spiritual preparedness than that, she says, you're carrying the stress of the previous day with you. And if you read the paper or get news from the TV or radio, you're carrying the stress of others with you as well.

The morning is when your mind is open to new impressions, Marianne says. You want to do for your mind what you do for your body each morning—cleanse and purify it. When you take in all the stress-based thinking of daily life, you're living in fear, and therefore lacking the strength and power you need to deal with those circumstances. Marianne says that five minutes of meditation in the morning, with God as you understand God, is enough to guarantee that the spirit, rather than the fear of the world, will dominate your thoughts throughout the day.

Marianne says that whatever your spiritual practice is, you develop a new mind. "That is how God heals your life, by giving you a new mind," she explains. Everything in your life is reflected back for you to see—this is what you've created."
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