Dr. Mehmet Oz
A well-known doctor in Texas, Dr. Larry Dossey was challenged in his own life when he began experiencing severe migraine headaches that would leave him incapacitated for hours. After he started getting bouts of periodic blindness from his headaches, Dr. Dossey says he decided to research the role of the mind in health and the role of spirituality in healthcare. Dr. Oz talks to Dr. Dossey about his spiritual insight into the world of medicine.

Dr. Dossey says shortly after he began getting the migraines, he decided to make prayer a routine part of his day. "This seriously affected the way I practice medicine," Dr. Dossey says. "I began to reorient the way I practice medicine after spending several years looking at studies shedding light on this long-distance healing phenomenon."

Dr. Dossey says he has a wide definition of spirituality. "In fact, it's so broad for me that spirituality is just communication with the absolute," he says. Dr. Dossey says people should be free to define what the absolute is, even if to them it is simply a state of awareness. "If we narrow down spirituality too much we are just in danger of disenfranchising a lot of people," Dr. Dossey says. "Medicine is getting despiritualized."