Dr. Robin Smith
"Why?" It's a question we've all asked all too often. Why me? Why not me? Why didn't I get the raise when I worked so hard? Why didn't I win the race when I practiced so hard? Dr. Robin says sometimes, you may have done everything correctly, but there isn't an answer to your question.

"We're always measuring ourselves and looking for the answer," Dr. Robin says. "Sometimes, there is no answer. But there are so many lessons. There are so many places in your life, your heart, your mind and your thinking that, instead of looking for the answer," be open to the lessons.

Dr. Robin says as resilient, yet very fragile human beings, we often think that we can come up with an answer for every question, a solution for every problem. "We will make an answer true just because we're so uncomfortable living with the vulnerability of not being quite sure, not having a definitive answer."

Stop searching just for answers, Dr. Robin says. The wisdom that can be gained from the message is often far more valuable than the simple answer to the question, she says. How could you have done something differently to get the raise? How could you have practiced differently to win the race?

"There may be a few answers to what happened in your life—what went right and what didn't," Dr. Robin says. "But more importantly than the answer, be in pursuit of the message, be in pursuit of the messenger, be in pursuit of the lesson. Because it is the lesson that is transferable into all other areas of your life."