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Offering to Play Don Draper for Your Friend
In the olden days of dating (and on Mad Men), the men used to order for the women. The idea, apparently, was that either the men were better decision makers or they somehow mysteriously knew what the women wanted. Like most really bad ideas, however, there is a little nugget of goodness in it. According to a study at Cornell University, the average person makes 200 food and beverage decisions a day. Add to that: the few hundred million other decisions she makes each day about everything from whether to text or email you to whether to wear panty hose or tights or pants to work. When you meet a friend for dinner, show how much you appreciate her by reserving a bit of your brain for her—and offering to eliminate four bedeviling choices at the end of the day, specifically her drink, appetizer, entrĂ©e and dessert. Besides, if you really do know this friend, the odds are that you actually know what she wants (for anyone who's listening—me: red wine, oysters, steak, raspberry sorbet with a some kind of elaborate cookie).


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