Dr. Robin Smith
What do you feel shame about? Maybe your marriage is in trouble, or perhaps you don't make as much money as your friends do. Maybe you're embarrassed about the neighborhood you live in or what kind of car you drive. Perhaps you're ashamed that your child doesn't attend an Ivy League school?

Why is it that we always compare ourselves to everyone around us, and why do we feel shameful if we don't match up to their standards? Dr. Robin says shame is so toxic—it not only hurts our ability to see clearly, it keeps us from being true to ourselves and to others. Oftentimes, shame causes us to lie and try to cover things up. "Why would I lie? Because of shame. Because I'm afraid that somehow if I tell you the truth, you will judge me," Dr. Robin says.

Dr. Robin says it's imperative to rid yourself of shame. "Life is meant for you to live freely and abundantly, and shame is a weight that will steal and rob us of what is our divine birthright," Dr. Robin says. "You and I are to go into our lives today a little lighter…that somehow that burden of shame and guilt and not being 'good enough'—you let it roll off your back!"
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