Safe Bets: 13 Things We'll Always Be Confident About
A few things in which our certainty has never flagged!
Pendleton wool blankets: Keeping us cozy for more than 140 years.
Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama's fashion sense. Fiercest FLOTUS ever? She's got our vote.
Coffee. Light of our lives, starter of our mornings, our 3 P.M. cure-all.
Canadian author Alice Munro: We'd read her grocery lists.

Target's knack for making us spend $200 every time we stop in for toothpaste.
good and plenty
Good & Plenty: Born in 1893, good and plentiful ever since.
good life
It's a Wonderful Life. After 167 viewings, it still makes us reach for our hankies.
The Centennial Light, Earth's hardiest bulb, aglow in California for 110+ years.

The space-tastic NASA logo, first introduced in 1959.
Viral cat videos. We can haz them fur-ever and ever? LOL.
the onion
We have yet to meet the news story The Onion can't wittily skewer.
pears and cheese
Gorgonzola, walnuts, and pears. The holy trinity of salad fixin's.
Disney theme parks. We dare you to frown on Peter Pan's Flight.

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