Dr. Robin Smith
Do you love with all of your heart, or do you shy away from such deep loving because you're afraid of getting hurt? Dr. Robin says it is so much better to open our hearts wholly and to take that risk of love.

Dr. Robin says that if you are guarded—if you are trying to protect yourself from hurt—you are diminishing your ability to experience love at its fullest, at its best, at its richest. "It's far more rewarding to have lived your life having experienced true, deep, profound love that may have left sooner than you wanted or needed, but still you had that experience than to have never had it at all," Dr. Robin says.

Where are you on this scale? In your own life right now, how willing are you, how open is your heart to love, deeply and profoundly? Dr. Robin says taking the risk to love is important because all we're really left with in life is how we were able to love—ourselves and love other people.