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After Rhonda's third suicide attempt, she was faced with a critical decision. "I realized that I had to decide who I was going to be," she says. "I had to be willing to let go of the past. I had to be willing to focus on the future and let go of what was."

Rhonda put her tragic childhood behind her and became a life coach in 1996. Now, she's the author of four books, including her best-seller, Fearless Living.

Making the decision to move on is just the first of many steps to overcoming tragic circumstances, Rhonda says. "Lots of people make decisions, but they don't live by them," she says. "They don't take personal responsibility."

Rhonda believes people should face—and embrace—their fears. "When you accept your humanity, when we accept that we're human and have feelings, we actually get to experience the divine," she says. "You've got to believe that inner voice. We all need support, but I also think at a turning point for everybody when they need to change their life or want to change their life is they have to sit and say to themselves, 'No one's going to change it but me.'"
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Published on March 01, 2007