18 Things That Remind Us Everything's Going to Be All Right

In those frazzled moments when you're dreaming of being abducted by aliens just so you can escape your life, these small joys can remind you that, hey, this place called Earth isn't so bad after all.

#13: The Boston Marathon Runners Who Raced to Help Bombing Victims

Some jogged straight to Massachusetts General Hospital to donate blood, and others tore off their shirts to use as tourniquets, according to The Daily Beast. An act that triggered everyone's fight-or-flight response reminded us of a third option—one that requires an inspiring level of selflessness.

#14: A Stranger Who's Been There

Even though you might not have ever met the person, just hearing that someone has felt the same way you have, or do—whether it's a mommy blogger who admits she spent the afternoon picking gum off the family dog, or Beth Howard describing the guilt-tinged grief following her husband's death in Making Piece—we get the resounding message: It's not just you.

#15: The Friend Who's Going Places

There are those Facebook friends whose sparkling accomplishments make you want to pour coffee on your keyboard; then there are your real friends, for whom, when they accomplish incredible things, you can't help but do slow-motion victory dances.

#16: The Word "Remission"

It may not mean disease-free, but it sets off a wave of relief that can make you suddenly lower your shoulders for the first time since they tensed up near your earlobes when you initially visited the doctor.

#17: Staples, Magnets, Paper Clips

Your computer may get a virus and destroy the Great American Novel you were writing; your air conditioning can go kaput on a 96-degree day; and, your car may stall just as you merge onto an exit ramp. But you can still count on some other things to almost always respond the way they're supposed to.

#18: A Deep Breath

You'll be surprised to realize how much you were holding in when you finally exhale.