18 Things That Remind Us Everything's Going to Be All Right

In those frazzled moments when you're dreaming of being abducted by aliens just so you can escape your life, these small joys can remind you that, hey, this place called Earth isn't so bad after all.

#7: The Lack of Cell-Phone Reception

At first, this seems like the moment when you transform into Donald Duck and start shouting a stream of unintelligible rants while stomping up and down; but, it can also be the moment when you realize that those rapidly multiplying work emails, urgent-yet-not-important phone calls and that ping-ping-pinging sound are temporarily gone. You're (kind of) off the grid, and you've got no choice but to surrender to the world around you. Is that the sound of birds chirping?

#8: A Five-Minute "Cool Down"

You wanted to quit eight seconds into the plank position. You mentally cursed out your Zumba instructor for her never-ending side kicks. And now, you're almost done. Those final stretches at the end of a workout can be more gratifying than any other moment at the gym.

#9: Your Mom's Casserole—Even If It's Made with Ketchup and Cream Cheese

It's like that scene in Nashville when Hayden Panettiere's character, a self-obsessed country singer, sneers at the "Pink Macaroni Casserole" her mom made for her. Hours later, once she's realized she's a teen queen caught up in the middle of a shoplifting scandal, without a friend to turn to, she takes comfort in the one thing she can rely on: the familiar taste of an old family recipe.

#10: The $2 Million T-Shirt

It's retail therapy without the post-shopping guilt: Each week, the social-good platform Sevenly releases a few shirt designs promoting a specific cause, and $7 from each sale goes toward that week's mission. That number may not seem like much, but in two years, the donations have amounted to $2.2 million and benefited causes ranging from funding cancer research to ending sex trafficking.

#11: Dogs Who Wag Their Tails with Their Whole Spine

They're so happy to see you, they're practically convulsing.

#12: One Crumpled Dollar at the Bottom of Your Purse

Even better than the small burst of excitement you experience from finding money you've forgotten you had, is coming across it right when you're 96 cents short at a toll.