18 Things That Remind Us Everything's Going to Be All Right

In those frazzled moments when you're dreaming of being abducted by aliens just so you can escape your life, these small joys can remind you that, hey, this place called Earth isn't so bad after all.

#1: Woman Who Was Reunited With Her Dog After the Tornado in Oklahoma

Halfway through an interview with CBS News, as Barbara Garcia surveys the debris where her house once stood, reporters find her schnauzer, Bowser. The tornado's winds ripped him from her arms in the small bathroom where they had been hiding, and Bowser had been buried alive under the rubble. "I thought God answered one prayer, to let me be okay; but he answered both of them," she said.

#2: An Unexpected Text

You can't stop thinking about that mid-meeting gaffe at work, even though it was six hours ago. You should've said this, or you could've not said that—and then you glance down at your phone and notice an unread message. "Watching an old clip of SNL and 'Weekend Update' reminded me of your spot-on James Carville impression." It may not be poetic, but it's just thoughtful enough to tug you out of a shame spiral.

#3: The Return of Hostess

Everybody loves a good comeback story, especially if the protagonists are Twinkies, Ho Hos and other snack cakes.

#4: The Woman Who Changed Her Cyberbully's Perspective

After a Reddit user posted a photo of a Sikh woman on the site's "Funny" section with the caption, "I'm not sure what to conclude from this"—referring to her facial hair—the woman in the picture issued a reply. She politely explained that her religion doesn't believe in altering one's body in any way, and sparked a chain of responses, including an apology from the original person who posted the photo and caption. It may not happen often enough, but sometimes, our words can change minds.

#5: A Nearly Crossed-Off To-Do List

It reminds you that you've accomplished a few things today, and it leaves you a goal to push for tomorrow (even if the goal is really an internal budget memo).

#6: 11-Month-Olds with Serious Dance Moves

In a 45-second YouTube video, a set of twins showed us how important it is to have "our" song—the one we can't resist rocking out to as soon as we hear it, even if that means ditching our lunch mid-bite. The knowing exchange at the 15-second mark says it all.