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Q: Dear Marianne,

I used to pray to God as a child, but somehow over the years I forgot the importance of this. One of the things I realized was that I am afraid to ask for what I want or feel that I should not be praying for them, that I needed to figure out things on my own. So, as an adult, I have lost faith in God. How do I get back on track?

— Preya P., Scarsdale, New York

Dear Preya,

The force that keeps the planets revolving around the sun would be glad to handle the circumstances of your life, if only you would ask him to. It???s simply a different way of seeing the world to think that whenever we have a problem, all we have to do is ask for guidance. You will come to recognize that this is anything but an abdication of responsibility; in fact, it???s the most responsible thing we can possibly do, asking a higher power how our behavior could make life more perfect for ourselves and others.

I recommend my book A Return to Love for further ideas on reclaiming lost faith.


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