Dr. Robin Smith
There are times in life when we are faced with coming in second place, or losing altogether. Maybe you lost a race for office or you were nominated for an award and didn't get it. How does it make you feel when you are not the winner? Do you have a sense of your own value or skill set?

Dr. Robin says when others don't choose you or they pick someone they think is better, you cannot use their opinion to measure your own self-worth. "It can't be that you are looking to someone else to tell you that you are worthy, to tell you [that] you are beautiful, to tell you are a great mother or father," Dr. Robin says. Instead, real self-worth and self-value starts with you, from the inside out.

Dr. Robin says people who use the external world as their ruler and measuring stick always come up short. "No one in this world can steal and rob from you your sense that you are enough," Dr. Robin says. "It has got to start from the inside and then work its power to the outside."