Dr. Robin Smith
Everyone has had bad things happen to them. Maybe your marriage failed and you fell apart…or your child had a terrible disease and passed away. How did you make it out of the sorrow and the pain?

When you look back at those times, you probably don't know how you got out of the despair. However, Dr. Robin says your journey can be a guide for others in pain right now. "Someone else needs your help," Dr. Robin says. "We need to partner with each other when we have found our way out of the pit of hell. … If you've found your way out, somebody needs your guidance, they need your smile, they need your wisdom. They need to figure out how you made it through. Because they're right now figuring they can't make it through."

Put your pain to work, Dr. Robin says. Help out someone who is going through a painful situation that you've already overcome. "You know you can take your pain—that you've figured out how to find your way out—and let it work not just for you, but … take it to the streets and help someone who needs it."
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