Dr. Robin Smith
Pop quizzes—life is full of one pop quiz after another, Dr. Robin says. Maybe you had planned for a big trip, and your child suddenly got sick the day you were supposed to leave. Perhaps you were going to meet a friend, but your car broke down on the way there. How do you handle these pop quizzes in your life?

Dr. Robin says the pop quizzes in your life are meant to test your managing skills and showcase your true self. "Those pop quizzes are testing me, they're refining me, they're showing me who I really am," she says. "A pop quiz shows up as a surprise to show you exactly what you're made of."

Dr. Robin urges us to answer the call of the pop quiz. "Use the information—don't run from the quiz, don't complain about it. … [The pop quiz] is in your life to make you who you really are."
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