5 People to Forgive Before the Year Ends
There's plenty that can drop off your to-do list. Here is what cannot: letting go of unproductive anger.
Hair stylist
Yvette, of Yvette's
There is no rage like bad-haircut rage. You tried to be specific, you tried to be clear, but Yvette only snapped her gum and frowned at your request for "no color, no layers, no products...just a cut." And when the cut was revealed in the mirror...layers. Tons of layers. It's maddening to be ignored. It's frustrating to feel that money has not been well spent. But remember that you were able to fix the choppy Rachel-from-Friends atrocity yourself with the help of sharp scissors and a YouTube video; and that in a few weeks your hair looked fine. The pain was not a lasting one; Yvette wasn't trying to ruin your life. You do not need to flame her on Yelp; i.e., keep spreading the bad feeling around. You do need to find a new place to get your hair cut.