Privileged friend

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Your Privileged Friend
We all have that friend. You know the one. She didn't seem different when you two first met and hit it off. She didn't seem different when she was shopping for her first home and complaining about the high prices everywhere. Then she bought a house with a pool, in a gated community, and you thought, "Wait a minute here, but she's a yoga teacher...Ohhhhh, she is secretly rich." Oh sure, you could get all Occupy Friendship about it and nurture resentment about her lack of student loans, her all-family cruises, the way she drops your entire monthly entertainment budget on one night of drinks. And yet, it's not her fault that she was born into money while other people were not. Think about it: Is she an unbearable snob? Is she terribly superficial? Probably not, or you never would have become friends with her in the first place. Do her checks from Mom and Dad somehow siphon away your own savings? No, no they do not. You are allowed exactly 15 seconds of self-pity every time she announces some lavish expenditure she doesn't realize is a lavish expenditure. After that, your resentment is just impoverishing your friendship. And no one can afford to do that.


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