Dr. Robin Smith
Do you often give in to your child, your spouse or even your dog or cat, against your better judgment? Do you cave in to their pouting, their anger or their pleading? Dr. Robin says it is time to stop giving in to others and pay the bill now, before the situation gets worse.

In the long run, Dr. Robin says the ones you love will pay an exorbitant price because you surrendered. She says being upfront and accepting that not everyone will be happy with the decisions you make requires you to use your wisdom, courage and strength. "Stand-up, be mature and show up like grown ups and pay the bill … of making a decision and sticking with it," Dr. Robin says. "We are going to pay the bill at some point. If you don't pay it now, the bill presented to you at the end of the road will be too expensive. It is too big to pay."