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As an adoptive mom, Mindy Johnson of Boise, Idaho, wants to do something nice for birth mothers who are allowing their babies to be adopted. Mindy makes them "Pillows of Love"—handmade pillow cases filled with comforting items to take to the hospital.

Mindy's friends sew the pillow cases which she fills with a variety of items, including Camille Beckman beauty products, robes, slippers, socks and breast self-exam shirts from Bath & Body Works.

After donating the Pillows of Love to the hospital, Mindy visits Marian Pritchet High School, an organization run by the Salvation Army's Booth Family Care Center that helps teenage mothers finish high school. She gives $300 in cash and $300 in baby supplies and clothes to help the young mothers.

Mindy is excited about helping both causes, but assembling the Pillows of Love is especially close to her heart. "If it weren't for two sweet birth mothers in Louisiana and Virginia, I would not be a mother, which is something I've wanted my whole life," she says. "By meeting and giving to more birth mothers, my heart is filled with even more love for the individuals that gave the greatest gift one could give: a baby."


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