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As a new resident of Chicago, Alex Infeld wants to use her Pay It Forward Challenge money to give "fresh starts" to other people.

With help from her roommate, Jenna Halaby, Alex buys school supplies and books for the new Chicago branch of Minds Matter, an organization that matches mentors with inner-city youth to prepare them for college.

Next, Alex and Jenna give a fresh start to a brand new family in need. They visit Prentice Women's Hospital, where they meet Maria, Mario and their new baby, Michael. They present the family with baby supplies worth $380 and a $275 savings bond for Michael's education.

"To know that somehow we were going to make things easier for them and give them a hand and give them something more to be excited about, that was great," Alex says.

With the money they have left, Alex and Jenna pass out bagels and orange juice to commuters at a train station to give a fresh start to their days.

"When you do something that's unexpected and brings a smile to somebody's face and you know you helped do that, it's a feeling of joy," Alex says. "To know that you made a personal connection is huge, and I think we take that for granted."