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Sheril Hurt of Ypsilanti, Michigan, uses her $1,000 to help strangers—from homeless people to patrons of a local Starbucks. She brings along Larell and Shaunte, young men whom she mentors, to help in her kindness campaign.

Sheril buys several items—warm clothes, blankets, toiletries, flashlights, Bibles, cookies—to create care packages for homeless people. Then she delivers the packages to people on the street. One man already has a Bible, so Sheril tells him he should pass it on to someone who needs it.

She uses her remaining challenge money to buy gas for strangers at a filling station, and coffee and snacks for customers at a local Starbucks. "I met a lot of interesting people that were very, very grateful," she says. "Some people were a little bit leery because I guess they weren't accustomed to strangers doing nice things and being kind to them." Sheril also donates some money to the Humane Society of Huron Valley.

Sheril hopes those she helped will continue the chain of kindness. "It was overwhelming, even though I do this all the time. It felt good to record it and see people's expressions and how appreciative people really are," she says. "I would hope for everybody else that we have helped to give back and help someone else as well."


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