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An experience in her childhood gives Jodi Champagne the perfect idea for her challenge money. When she was in the 8th grade, her family's home burned down and they lost everything. She remembers the kindness and charity her family received, and decides to help two families in Colorado Springs, Colorado, who suffered major losses in apartment fires.

First, Jodi learns about sisters Baily and Jenna—full-time students who also work 35 hours a week at a local pizza restaurant. All their personal belongings were destroyed in the fire, and with no renter's insurance, the girls were left with only the clothes on their backs. Jodi visits Baily and Jenna at their restaurant as a customer, and surprises them by leaving a $1,000 tip!

While planning her donation for Baily and Jenna, Jodi hears about Andrea, a woman who—along with 10 other adults and children—lost her apartment to a fire. At first, Jodi thinks she won't be able to help Andrea's family, but Wal-Mart comes through with a $1,000 donation! Jodi enlists Baily and Jenna to "pay it forward" themselves, by helping deliver much-needed items like a crib, clothing and other supplies to Andrea's family.

Taking part in the challenge has changed the way Jodi thinks about people in her city. "I'm more aware of those around me," she says. "I'm constantly looking for opportunities to brighten someone's day."


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