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As a schoolteacher, Amy Lange of Muskego, Wisconsin, wants to focus on helping children with her challenge money. She is also interested in giving aid to the homeless and victims of domestic violence. In order to meet all her goals, she decides to donate to Hebron House of Hospitality—an organization that helps homeless families. She also helps Siena House—a shelter that provides a safe haven for survivors of domestic abuse.

Amy buys a TV and a DVD/VCR combo for each shelter. Her co-workers round out the gifts with movies for the residents to watch. "I wanted to buy something that would stay with the house and help people…in times to come," she says. Amy also buys shoes for 19 children living in the shelters.

"Delivering the items gave me a great feeling, knowing I could help so many people get a little more enjoyment within their unfortunate living circumstances," she says. "It certainly made me more aware of the needs of those less fortunate, and it makes me appreciate what I have so much more."


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