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Sandee Lammers of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, wants to do as much as possible with her $1,000. Instead of picking one project or person to help, she spreads the money among several.

She starts by donating new lobby furniture for Prevention & Protection of Abused Children in Waukesha, which provides support for the victims of domestic abuse.

With winter setting in, Sandee's next task is to buy warm clothes for children who need them. She buys a coat for Jennifer, a 13-year-old girl whose house burned down, and hats and mittens for children at Hopkins Street School in Milwaukee.

Sandee then hears about Denise, a woman who is battling colon cancer, and decides to help. She takes Denise and her husband, Stewart, a cancer survivor, for a couples massage at a spa! The spa pays for their dinner, and Sandee gives them a gift basket.

With the rest of her money, Sandee pays for orders at a local coffee shop and groceries for unsuspecting customers. She only asks that the recipients pay the kindness forward to someone else. One man is so touched by the gesture that he buys roses for Sandee and her helpers!

Since the challenge, Sandee says she has been nicer to people at work and has continued to do random acts of kindness. "The best way to describe how it affected me was by a comment [made by] a friend I haven't seen for a few months," she says. "He said, 'Sandee, I haven't seen you smile this much in a long, long time.'"


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