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After talking to her 6-year-old son about the Pay It Forward Challenge, April Kigeya of Madison, Wisconsin, decides to help as many children in as many ways as she can. First, she visits Ronald McDonald House, where she meets Aaron, a little boy with a brain tumor. Aaron and his mother, Treva, live in South Korea, but have traveled to Wisconsin for Aaron's chemotherapy.

April gives Treva $300 to pay for a month's stay at the hospital, and a $50 gift card donated by Wal-Mart. "I truly admire her strength," April says. "She and Aaron are so far from home, and she was very grateful for my gift."

For the next part of her challenge, April contacts a local elementary school, where she hears about Rashon, a mother of three small children who is pregnant with her fourth. Rashon lost her apartment when she was put on bed rest and couldn't work—and has been forced to live with relatives. To help them get a new place to live, April gives Rashon $200 toward a security deposit and the first month's rent on a new apartment. She also buys toys and necessities for the children.

Next, April decides to help Ruth, a single mother of four who moved to Madison with only $50 in her pocket! April gives the family a $150 gift card from Cub Foods, a $100 Wal-Mart gift card and two $20 gift cards donated by Target.

Finally, April visits a local elementary school to donate winter clothes to children who don't have any, and diapers for a boy with a medical condition whose parents can't afford them.

April says she is grateful for what the challenge has taught her. "So many times, I take things for granted, and I can proudly say that that will be no longer," April says. "I am going to make it my goal to do something to 'pay it forward' every day—even if it's a little thing!"


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