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When Lisa Krch of Justice, Illinois, asks her family what to do with the $1,000, the decision is unanimous: They want to help an orphanage.

Lisa contacts the SOS Children's Village in Lockport, Illinois, which places children separated from their parents with foster parents living in a community of single-family homes. The Village needs TVs for its recreation and conference rooms, so Lisa buys two televisions and two DVD players!

On the way to buy the TV, however, someone dents Lisa's car by opening her car door in the parking lot. "Normally, we probably would've been a little bit more upset [and] maybe involved the police," Lisa says. "But in the event of Pay It Forward, we just … told the gentleman to please discuss with the young lady who bashed my door to be a little bit more careful in parking lots from now on."

After donating the TVs and DVD players, Lisa has about $460 left to spend. She visits a pet store with a plan to buy a dog for a lucky stranger. After observing pet shoppers for about two hours, she approaches Dana and Greg and buys them the puppy they want!

"I can't even tell you how excited I am to see the genuine appreciation and excitement. This was truly a random act of kindness," Lisa says. "They will love [the puppy] forever, and I'm glad I could give that to them."


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