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Shana Meyer of Chesterfield, Missouri, wants to make the world a more accepting place for her daughter, Gabby, and others with Down syndrome. She gives her Pay It Forward Challenge money to a summer camp that welcomes children with disabilities.

At Sunnyhill Adventures, run by Rob Darroch, children with and without disabilities play and learn together.

"Rob gives so much to the kids, and I believe so much in what he is doing," Shana says. "I wanted to let him know what the work he is doing means to me and my family."

In just eight days, with the help of her community, Shana turns her $1,000 into $9,400—plus lots of donated items! Shana presents Rob with the money and donations—a new washer and dryer, hundreds of T-shirts for tie-dyeing, $1,000 worth of sports equipment, couches for the lodge, a copy machine and more. Local businesses also promise landscaping, roofing and concrete work!

Shana says it felt amazing to shower Rob and Sunnyhill with gifts. "There's nothing like the feeling of giving and making someone's day," she says.


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