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Robin Matthew, a school counselor in Covington, Louisiana, says her school was lucky. When Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005 the school was spared the worst. Other schools weren't as fortunate. Hurricane damage forced four Catholic schools in hard-hit St. Bernard Parish to combine into oneā€”Our Lady of Prompt Succor School.

"Despite devastating personal losses and the lack of basic amenities in the area, these people have chosen to rebuild their lives and continue their children's education," Robin says.

Robin is inspired by the students' resilience, but she's sad that they still have no school library. So she decides to do something about it!

"Books not only entertain us, they educate us, they inspire us and they instill in us the idea that there's a world out there beyond our own," she says. "I wanted the students at Our Lady of Prompt Succor to know that."

With her $1,000 and another $1,000 donation from Scholastic Book Fairs Inc., she buys 10 large boxes of books to start the school library.

Robin calls her challenge "the adventure of a lifetime." "It was a truly joyous occasion to be able to give the books to a school that still has so much to overcome," she says. "I feel truly blessed to have had this opportunity."


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