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While some people use their challenge money to help the homeless, stray animals or the elderly, Gina McCloud decides to help people who, like herself, struggle with their weight.

"It's hard to lose [weight]. It seems like you can pack it on overnight, but it does take time to put it on and it takes time to get it off," Gina says. "So I wanted to help and support these people like I did for myself with the support group that I had."

Gina visits a Weight Watchers meeting and presents four new members with gift bags full of items to help them meet their weight loss goals. She gives each of the four coupons to attend meetings for 15 weeks, a Weight Watchers cookbook, a pedometer, a "points calculator" and a starter kit!

After the meeting, Gina wonders if she's made a difference. When she arrives home, she gets her answer—it's a phone message from one of the recipients. "She was calling to thank me again and told me how much this meant to her. I was very touched, and I felt so happy," she says. "The whole experience has impacted me in a way that is so positive."


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