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As an ex-smoker, Katie Rizer of Chesterton, Indiana, wants to help someone else to quit smoking. She contacts a clinic that uses laser technology to ease symptoms of nicotine withdrawal and offers to pay for police officer Curtis' treatment there.

"I know that struggle of trying to quit smoking, so the fact that I get to help someone—a police officer who helps the rest of the world—is very exciting," she says. While Curtis is undergoing the procedure, Katie cleans out his car so he doesn't have to smell cigarettes any more.

Next, Katie hears about Lisa, a 40-year-old mother of two who has bone and breast cancer. Lisa is holding a spaghetti dinner to raise money to help defray her medical costs, so Katie pitches in $500!

But Katie takes the challenge even further. She asks friends to do something nice for someone and mail her a certificate stating what they did—which she hangs all over her living room. Those who respond also send cash to donate to Rebuilding Together, an organization that rehabilitates houses for the elderly so they can remain in their own homes. Lisa collects a total of 65 certificates for her wall and about $100 for Rebuilding Together!

Katie says it was no accident that she was part of the challenge—it was meant to be. "I feel very satisfied and just excited to have participated in this!" she says.

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