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As a student at Illinois State University, Diana Slaviero interned at DOVE Domestic Violence Shelter in Decatur, Illinois. She knows firsthand what the shelter needs to help its residents.

She decides to give her challenge money to the shelter, but before leaving for Decatur, Diana turns to her "walking buddies" in Naperville, Illinois, for help and heads to Decatur with sacks of donations.

Diana takes some of the shelter staff to Wal-Mart for "a shopping extravaganza." They fill up four shopping carts with items that are needed but not often donated to the shelter—hair dryers, diapers, pillows, hair products, alarm clocks and art supplies for the children.

"It was a whirlwind, but the energy and enthusiasm involved in that shopping trip was fantastic!" Diana says.

But Diana's not finished yet. Her parents lead her to more people in need. Through her mother, Diana learns about Chris Durham, a student at Milliken University. Chris—the first to graduate from college in his family—works over the summers to pay for his tuition. Diana gives him a $200 gift card to help buy a new suit for internship interviews.

A donation from friends leaves Diana with one last gift to give. Her father and his friends, who meet weekly for breakfast at a local restaurant, often have the same server—a woman named Lisa. Diana and her father head to Claire's Family Restaurant and by chance have Lisa as their server. Diana surprises her by leaving a $100 tip! As a former waitress, Diana is happy to make a difference in Lisa's day and pleased to help her father with a random act of kindness.


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